dōTERRA Team Meeting

Tips, Ideas and explanations to help you!

dōTERRA- Andy & Natalie Goddard Success Story

Interested in adding a dōTERRA income opportunity? or just want to get FREE oils/products by sharing with others?

If helping others is what you love to do and the idea of creating a flexible, home-based business is appealing... dōTERRA has some great options!

Let's get together and go over the basic systems that will help you get started with simple guidelines to help meet your needs. We have an agenda of some of the the most common topics, motivating stories and "Q & A" time. And every meeting will go over new and fresh information. Come enjoy some social time and don't forget to bring your pen and notepad for jotting down some notes!

Each month we go over new topics and this month we will be going over how to talk to others about oils, how to invite them to a class or host a class. We will highlight the "do's & don'ts" and simplify which words/approaches work best to turn your efforts into productive results.

Topic: How to say it & which words to use

dōTERRA Business Builder Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 8pm

65 Whitethorn Dr

Miami Springs, FL

We are all busy, but budgeting your time is the first step to reaching your goals and success. Challenge yourself to schedule your time for the week to be here. A place where we will meet, laugh, grow and encourage each other.

Come casual & feel free to bring friends who are interested in learning about the business opportunity.

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Save the Dates:

If you have someone who has been interested in learning about oils PLEASE invite them to one or more of these. You don't even have to be here but at least they'll get a chance to learn more!

August 21 - "I have my Oils Now What!?!" - (home of Jen Buonassi) 8:00pm

September 2 - Next Business Builder Meeting for SEPTEMBER 8:00pm

September 8-12 dōTERRA annual convention, Salt Lake City, UT

September 18 - Essential Oils 101 class (home of Jen Buonassi) 8:00pm

September 30 - "I have my Oils Now What!?!" - (home of Jen Buonassi) 8:00pm

October 14 - Business Builder Meeting for OCTOBER 8:00pm

October 16 - Essential Oils 101 class (home of Jen Buonassi) 8:00pm

October 23 - "I have my Oils Now What!?!" - (home of Jen Buonassi) 8:00pm