Two Rivers Times

A newspaper from ancient Mesopotamia

Keeping the Crops Wet

There is a brand new way to keep our fields watered in the dry months!! Farmer Higgins from Babylon has dug a ditch from his barley field to the Euphrates River. Water can flow down to his field to water the crops. He calls this new idea irrigation. With the new irrigation system, water goes right to his crops.

During heavy rains, his ditches also help steer the flood waters away from the city. Before Babylon's streets would flood if there was a lot of rain. Now the water goes around town through the ditches. Many lives have been saved by keeping the city dry during the floods. With these two uses, everyone should be using irrigation. Our crops will grow better and more people will survive!!

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Weather Emergency!

Finally the rain has stopped! It rained for thirteen days without end. This rain caused heavy flooding. Wheeled carts and chariots were washed away. Taran the local blacksmith had his whole shop washed away. All of his signs were destroyed. The writing was washed away and the cedar wood was destroyed. Shema the local scribe has offered to paint new signs if Taran can barter for the new cedar wood. There should be a trader coming from Lydia. Hammurabi, our king, has sent some of the kingdom's paid soldiers to help rebuild. With any luck, they will arrive quickly!
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