Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

News for the Week of November 15th

What is happening?

I will be out tomorrow, I am sending your newsletter one day early. Don't get used to my cool flyer. We had a training Monday and I wanted to use my new awesome skills.

Today, in Thursday folders: Science Fair/Invention Convention Flyer. The website has been updated with the current information for parents to access on the Patsy Sommer Website. I know a project is a commitment, but I highly suggest taking the time to complete one with your child! It is a great learning and bonding experience for both of you. If you start early, and do not wait till the last minute. It would make me a very happy teacher if your family participated!

I am going to send out an optional homework next week for all the high achievers! This is not required. Take a well deserved break if needed.

Math: The focus this week will continue to be patterns. Students will working with patterns by extending paired numbers in lists, and identify, describe, and extend repeating and additive patterns to make predictions and solve problems. Problem solving is connected to everyday experiences; students will communicate, and use logical reasoning.

Social Studies: The spotlight in social studies will be Thanksgiving. Students will understanding the significance of Thanksgiving as a cultural celebration.

Reading: The big idea in reading will be a continuation of researching. Students will continue completing their graphic organizer students will make a PowerPoint about their good citizen they researched.

Writing: The focus in writing this week will be persuasive writing. We will be reading 'Tis the Night Before Thanksgiving, students will then be writing letter to Farmer Brown persuading him to not "eat them" on Thanksgiving Day. Tuesday we will have an Author Celebration! We will be showcasing our ALL About books and our How to's.

Have a great weekend!