By: Bethany, Jennifer, Cody, Westin

What is Transcendentalism?

Transcendentalism is the relationship between man and nature. Nature is believed to be "above all."


-Believe in simple life

-Spiritual idea of using what you need to survive

-Don't need materialistic things

-Intelligence to care for themselves

-Self reliant



The problem that caused Transcendentalism is not really a problem, but of people wanting to separate themselves from the regular society. Believing in self reliance, living off the land was common with the Transcendentalists.


There really wasn’t a solution to transcendentalism. The transcendentalism movement decreased in size as many of it’s followers began to read more realistic stories. With the civil war growing closer and the causes of the war becoming even more realistic many transcendentalism followers departed. Slavery was one of the biggest issues involving the followers because they were upset about the nation dividing into two parts.


Transcendentalism has not been addressed again.

After the Civil War, Transcendentalism slowly lost popularity within the American Citizens. The affects on society today are b=very slim. The only examples from the reform are freedom of religion, and relying simply on yourself.


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