Growth of Japanese Culture

Japanese Forms of Buddhism

Buddhism Spreads in Japan

Prince Shotoku supported Buddhism so it spread rapidly in Japan. Buddhism was practice along side of the Shinto religion. Buddhism was originally only practiced by nobles but later common people began to practice it. Buddhism appealed to many people because it was the belief that peace and happiness could be achieved by living a life of wisdom and virtue.

statue of Buddha (seen to the right)

Essential Question

How did the Japanese adapt Buddhism?

Zen Buddhism

Some types of Buddhism did well and others didn't and died out. One of these types that did well is Zen. Zen focused on simplicity, self-discipline, and meditation. Zen actually means meditation. Zen was very simple. Zen was a major school of Buddhism, so it had a big affect on Japanese culture. Both samurai and artists both liked Buddhism because of its peace and simpleness. Later, Zen spread out of Japan and became popular in the west.

A zen garden (shown in the picture to the right) was a popular place to meditate

Review question

How was Japanese society affected by Buddhism
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