German Cuisine

By: Grace Finch

Breakfast, Lunch & Abendbot

Breakfast: They eat a pretty normal breakfast so they have food like bread, eggs, cold meat, cheeses with coffee or tea.

Lunch: Its the main meal during the day. They eat between 12-2pm. often eaten outside of the home. Like at work or school etc. Lunches there are becoming lighter because of health and weight consciousness, sometimes its just a snack.

Dinner: the main dinner at night. Its normally spent eating with the family. German dinners are called Abendbrot. The dinners consist of a selection of whole grain bread, deli meats & sausages, cheese & a cold or hot drink. They normally eat pork, beef and poultry some fish but not a lot.

Side dishes: noodles, potatoes & dumplings and vegetables.

Health of the People

Fresh food, whole foods and high tax rates make them generally healthy. They have a lot of things to do outdoors so they spend their time outside bike riding, walking and also soccer is kinda big there so people are slim from that also.

History of the Food

Prehistoric Germany liked their food bland. The earliest spices were parsley, celery, and dill. The Romans introduced fruit trees & grape vines along with oats and rye. Once all of those came in to play the food became more sophisticated.

The story Hansel & Gretel influenced the style of cooking also King Fredrick the great introduced potatoes.

Their Style

They don't have a define way of cooking but depending on where your at in Germany they will cook a little different. The southern region is influenced by french cooking. The Eastern Region is more of a European flavor. They do have things that are everywhere but they're cooked different. They are all very hearty & all use things like pork, beef, chicken for meats. For vegetables they use things like potatoes, cabbage, carrots, radishes, turnips, and white asparagus which they are famous for.

The Classics


One of their favorite dishes is the Wurst. Its a whole bunch of meats put together into a sausage. They like the currywurst. Its exactly as it sounds its a wurst with curry sprinkled over the top.


Another favorite is the Eintopf. Its a soup they normally have in the winter. Its a mix of meat and vegitables. It started out just being a thing you make with your left overs.

Potato Pancakes

Potato Pancakes are a shallow-fried pancake of greated or ground up potatoes with flour and eggs. Its flavored with garlic or onion seasoning.

Personal Favorite

My personal favorite is the potato pancakes. They look really good because they're fried.