PreK Preview

February 2016

February 1st-5th

Theme: China/Chinese New Year

Letter of the week: P-p

Special Project:

  • Decorate a Chinese dragon, be the dragon dancers under our dragon and parade around the school on Friday, February 5th!

Language Arts:

  • Read and explore ancient Chinese culture through Chinese Folk Tales
  • Activities and projects to reinforce the sound/letter connection for letter P-p


  • Learning Chinese numbers 1-5
  • Tangram puzzles
  • For the letter P: Introduction to the concept of 1/2, 1/4 (fractions) with pizza and pie!!
  • Penny Math!
  • What a coincidence to have China and P for Panda week together! We will learn a lot about pandas AND periscopes, and pulleys!
  • Chinese numbers 1-5
  • Virtual tour of China: mountains, rivers, forests, and The Great Wall of China
  • Learning about bamboo forests and pandas

February 8th- 12th and February 15th-19th

Theme: Space

Letter of the week Q-q and R-r

Special Project:

  • Building a rocket and going on a moon expedition!

Language Arts:

  • Introduction to the initial consonant sound "Qu". Practice recognition and writing of the letter Q-q.
  • Real/imaginary? Introduction to fiction and non-fiction material about space
  • Stories about quilts.
  • Explore and make quilt patterns
  • Learn to make patterns using 3-D cubes
  • Continue exploration with the concept of half and quarter
  • Introducing the coin-quarter
  • Exploring quart with various shaped containers
  • Planets, moon and rockets!
  • Learning about reflection: exploration with mirrors, light, periscope
  • Rainbow science!

February 22nd-26th

Theme: Poetry/Nursery Rhymes

Letter Review: Mm-Rr

Language Arts:

  • Introduction to short poems
  • Creating our own poems about seasons
  • Learning familiar nursery rhymes.
Math and Science:

  • We will review concepts learned in Math and Science during letters M-R
  • Depending upon the children's interest, we will delve deeper into a concept through Project Based learning! Let's see where the curious mind of PreKers take us!!

Be prepared for the Dinosaurs starting Monday, February 29th!!

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Thursday, February 11th: Dismissal-11:30am. from the PreK room. NFS Siblings Carpool: Noon dismissal

Parent/Teacher conferences in the afternoon and evening

  • Friday, February 12th: No school for students. Parent/Teacher conferences.
  • The PreK conferences will take place in the conference room in the computer lab.
  • Childcare is provided for the NFS students during your conference time. Please take your child to the PreK room prior to coming to the conference room.
  • No school on Monday, February 15th. President's Day
  • Field Trip: Wednesday, February 17th., 10:00am. Planetarium show at NJ State Museum, Trenton.