FACE Connection

District 186 Family And Community Engagement - F.A.C.E. #7

*This Springfield Public Schools FACE Connection newsletter highlights topics families, schools, and communities can use to successfully launch student learning and make sure all students can reach their goals.

Learning in the Curve

186 Families, schools, and community are working together, from a distance, to 'flatten the curve ' of COVID19 and cope with an emotion filled time in our country.

Illinois State Superintendent Dr. Carmen I. Ayala shared in her weekly message; "The past week has been full of emotion, across our state and our country...As educators, we have the responsibility and the honor of nurturing young minds. ...We must recognize and address racism and teach our children to value difference in all communities – black, brown, and white." She shared resources on where to begin nurturing and teaching about this pressing issue in her message.

* This edition of FACE Connection has resources for you and your family to spend time together away from COVID, 24 hour new/media, and everyday pressures, and resources to learn more/act during this time.

SSHS Virtual Calming Room

In these times find time for CALM. You can find resources and apps like the one below here: Sounds & Music, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Coloring, Journaling, etc.

Las Olas Más Suaves Dominicanas Para Relajarse: Sonidos del Mar Todo el Día

I am learning to find joy right here in the mess of things. - MHN

'Waiting to Exhale' - UCLA Parent Empowerment Project

Below is a Facebook Live Conversation with Moms about learning at home, “Waiting to Exhale.”

Real conversation on parenting during a pandemic.

UCLA Parent Empowerment Project on Facebook Watch

What is F.A.C.E.?

FACE = Family And Community Engagement

Springfield District 186 defines Family And Community Engagement as school, family and community partnerships built on trust and meaningful communication that creates strong academic support systems for all students.

What happens when schools, families, and community work together?

A space launch relies on engineers, mathematicians, and physicists working together to send astronauts into space. The same is true for children’s learning—to take off, families, schools, and communities need to work together.

Everyone at mission control works together to plan, implement, and complete a mission. Families, schools, and communities can do the same thing by collaborating and planning successful learning and exploration at the start of the school year. And by working together throughout the year on this shared mission, they can successfully launch student learning and make sure all students can reach their goals.


(COVID19) FACE Family/School Resources

Includes resources for food, remote learning, community ...

Springfield Families Helping Families (Facebook Group)

**Use this group to offer support while the schools are closed. If you need help or can give help, please post, and please invite other Springfield families!**