Hungary and the European Union

Hungary joined the European Union on May 1st, 2004. Although it is not a founder of the EU, it was part of Austria at some point. This country can be found south of Slovakia, west of Ukraine and Romania, and north of Serbia and Croatia. The capital of Hungary is Budapest, which is also the largest city in the country. Other major cities include Debrecen, Baja, Kaposvar, Décs, and Tata.

Hungarian Government and culture


Hungary has a parliamentary democracy as its government. Their currency is Hungarian forint. One Hungarian forint is equal to 0.0039

Flag history

The Hungarian flag showed United strength and sovereignty during the revolution against the Habsburgs. When Hunagry lost the war, in 1849, the flag was outlawed until 1867, when the flag was legalized, and eventually became Hungary's official flag.
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Tourist attractions

The Hungarian State Opera House, also known as the Budapest Opera house, is a huge tourist attraction in Hungary. It is a Neo-Renaissance opera that is one of the best opera houses in the world. With tickets as low as $10, tourists can receive a tour of the huge building and enjoy traditional acoustic opera.

Budapest's house of terror is also a popular sight. In the 1950's this museum was the secret office for the nazi army. After being taken over by nazis, Jews were captured, and put into below freezing danubes with little clothing to keep warm. The tour goes through every tourture room and ending in the basement: where victims were forced in oxygen-less rooms, or forced to sit in water until they drowned. The musem is set up so people can feel as though you are really in their during that time period, going into the real cells and seeing the tourture devices used.

Interesting facts

Most Hungarians have soup at least once every day as part of their meal. The soup usually consists of pork skin, beef juice, and vegetables.

Táncház music is one of the oldest and most traditional type of music, but is still the most popular in Hungary.

The population of Hungary is 36 times smaller than the population of the U.S. (Hungary: 10 million, U.S: 316 million.


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