Lowell School P.E. Newsletter

December, 2022

Hello Students, Parents and Guardians:

In the month of December, the K-5 P.E. Classes were very busy being physically active. The K-2 Classes exercised to the 12 Days of Gym Class featuring Ms. Donahue and Ms. Loguidice, participated in a cooperative Snowman relay, Winter Wonderland Stations, parachute and a matching cards game.

The 3-5 P.E. classes exercised to the 12 Days of Gym Class, worked within their teams cooperating, showing encouragement and patience doing the Winter Wonderland Challenges, and played the matching memory card game.


Ms. Donahue eileen.donahue@watertown.k12.ma.us

Ms. Loguidice tina.loguidice@watertown.k12.ma.us

K-2 P.E. Classes:

12 Days of Gym Class

Snowman Relay


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3-5 P.E. Classes:

Winter Wonderland Challenges

Matching Card Game