The long Night of leo and Bree

BY:Ellen Wittlinger

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Book Review by Dylan Mahone

Bree is a teenage girl that has a fallout with her mother because she wants to go out in the town of fenton with friends but her mom stops her because of the way shes dressed and bree doesnt want to be treated like a child she wants to be a an adult and when bree explains to her mother what her demands are she gets really upset and brings out pictures of brees sister michelle that was recently murdered by a guy named novack because she was teasing him in her outrageous clothes that she was wearing the night her mom told her not to go out and she was stabbed and killed and that brings bree to unbelievable hights and she ran away from home to find herself scared and cold when a misterious man kidnapped her and took her to his house and finds out that its navack and he striked again and as the book goes on it shows how she struggles to get out of it and become a independent woman.
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born -1948 and still lives