Erickson Presentation

By: Markus Okeson

Trust vs. Mistrust (0-1)

*Born October 20, 1980

*Raised on a farm

*Youngest in the family (1 older brother and one older sister)

*Cranky Baby

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Automony vs. Shame & Doubt (1-3)

*Stay at home mom (part time teacher stayed home to raise kids)

*Dad is a farmer (I loved riding in the tractor)

*Loved being outside at a young age

*Older brother and sister did things for me so I was sort of lazy

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Initative vs. Guilt (3-6)

*Played with many cousins on the farm

*By the age of 5 would play outside all day

*Loved being around the animals on the farm

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Industry vs. Inferioty (6-12)

*Didn't really like school (rather be on the farm)

*Had a couple close friends (Still two to this day)

*Started to really enjoy huting and fishing with my dad and brother

*Had my mom as a 5th grade teacher

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Identify vs. Confusion (12-18)

*Started to like school because of sports

*Made connections with teachers

*Continued to love hunting and fishing

*Met my wife in high school

*Knew I wanted to become a teacher and coach

Intimacy vs. Isolation

*Married my wife in 2003

*Started teaching and coaching basketball and softball in 2004 (12 year of teaching and coaching this year )

*Had my first child in 2007, then the second in 2011, and the third in 2014.

Generativity vs. Stagnation (40-64)

*Going through these years I hope to accomplish what I want to

*Continue to grow professionally

*Raise my kids to be good people

*Spend time with my family

Ego Integerity vs. despair

*Reflect and hope I did the things I wanted to

*I will have hoped to live a happy life

*Will continue to grow old with my wife