Sophie Truman

3 way conference

Maths goal: to get 100 in basic facts

I haven't got 100 but I am steadily getting closer I hope to get 100 by the end of the year.

New maths goal: get 100 on by basic facts

I haven't achieved my goal so I don't want a new if I haven't for filled something else

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Reading: read more genres of books (not goosebumps)

I have started to read other genres just not of novels mostly comics but I still read goosebumps just not as much

New reading goal: to read more novels rather than comics

Comics are pretty much all I read so I should start to rad some novels and leave Tin Tin behind

Writing goal:to get back to my original p.a.t score 4a

We have not done another p.a.t so I can not reflect but looking at my writing I hope I can get my goal