The Weekly Memo

Come, Lord Jesus! Come and visit your people.
We await your coming. Come, O Lord.

December 4, 2015

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Staff & Student Spotlight

  • Thank you for productive levels meetings this week. We have completed a lot of work that will benefit you & our students!
  • Thank you for continued, effective observations!
  • Thank you for your flexibility!
  • Thank you for thoughtful, engaging discipleship ideas!
  • Student display of work continues to shine!


  • Discipleship ideas are due TODAY!
  • ALL SCHOOL MASS on Tuesday, December 8th!
  • The Science Fair will begin @ 9:00 on Tuesday, December 8th.
  • Full Faculty Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 8th.
  • Reconciliation is scheduled for December 10 & 11th! (Posted on CKS Connect)
  • MAP Testing continues next week! (Schedule & Instructions posted on CKS Connect)
  • Curricular Documents are being added to CKS Connect upon completion.
  • Schedules on CKS Connect should be up to date. If you recognize a conflict, please notify admin.
  • Pacing Guides (from Aug.-Dec.) due January 29th. See Amy with any questions or clarifications!

Friendly Reminders:

  • Jeans Day is Monday, December 7th!
  • Another Saints Series is scheduled for Dec. 17th at 6:30 in Hehman Hall (2 notional hours if needed). Before seeking notional hours, please check with Dcn. Tim for approval.
  • If you haven't signed up for an observation, follow the link:


1. Name of the person filling the PO out,

2. How it is being paid for ( credit card, mail check to the company, or reimbursement to someone because it has already been paid for),

3. Where is this in the budget (particular program, a grant, discretionary funds, unbudgeted item, etc.).

Save the Date:

  • December 7-11: Morning Duty

(Front--J. Howard/Back--S. Hall

  • December 7: Jeans Day -- Academic Team Match
  • December 8: ALL SCHOOL MASS -- CKS Science Fair -- 4th Grade Field Trip (The Villas) --Full Faculty Meeting
  • December 10: RECONCILIATION -- Rosary -- PK3 Family Christmas Dinner
  • December 11: RECONCILIATION -- Kindergarten Field Trip