Michael Frayser

ceramics 1

Ellen Schon "vortex" 2012 smoke-fired clay

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critique #1

it is a bowl, not a functional bowl,dark colors,the edges of the bowl look like waves. it has a very smooth looking texture.she made the bowl have a circular movement to the whole piece of art.i think she made the piece out of her love for the ocean i believe the piece of art is very successful because the first thing i think of is the ocean when i look at the bowl.

laocoon and his sons Agesander,Athenodoros,Polydorus, 25 BC white marble

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it is a sculpture of three men being attacked by sea serpents because they tried to expose the ruse of the Trojan horse. the lines on the art work are very defined to show the muscular strength of Laocoon, his arm is extended outwards as a heroic gesture. the artist made the statue to show the story of Laocoon and his sons. i believe this piece of artwork is very successful because as soon as i saw the artwork i wanted to learn more about the story behind it and i believe that was the artist intention was to make you want to know the story behind the artwork.

critique #2

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ring holder

I created this project for my mother to put her rings on. When i was making the body of the ring holder it was hard to keep all points of the star the same length, so i drew a star on a piece of paper then i used it to cut out the shape.Another problem i had with the project was the center of the star, i had a hard time keeping it from falling off so i scored it multiple times then smoothed it out and let it harden before i started on the carvings on the body of the piece.
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the volcano

i built this project out of coils to be used as a flower vase. one of the hardest things i faced was being able to put smaller coils onto larger coils, that's why the vase is called "the volcano" i couldn't make the vase look how i wanted it too so i just kept adding onto the vase until i got it to the height it needed to be. If i could change one thing about the coil vase it would be the shape of it, i would change it to a cylinder because it would have been much simpler and and easier design.