News for the week of November 3, 2014

We mustache you to read a great book this month!

Click here to see this week's schedule or view the LMC Reservations Calendar in your shared drive. Visitors this week include:
  • Mrs. Schweitzer with Health
  • GACME Club
  • Mrs. Hill with Speech
  • Pins & Needles Club
  • Mrs. Springmire's Quilting Class
  • Ms. Mercer-Curtis with Rhetoric and Composition
  • Mrs. Bergeson with Student Council

If you need computers for your classes, the LMC Lab is open on Wed. and Thurs.

Please send a note ASAP if your plans have changed.

Your opportunity to test out "Try-It! Illinois" ends on November 30

The Illinois State Library is offering Try-It! Illinois, the popular free annual statewide electronic database trial program that offers ILLINET member libraries an opportunity to evaluate a variety of electronic resources. Thanks to a collaboration between the State Library and participating electronic resource vendors, accessing these databases during Try-It! Illinois is free of charge. To obtain the login and password, visit Try-It! Illinois.

Please take a look and let me know which databases would benefit students in your classes. This is the best way for us to test and compare products. College librarians stress the ability to navigate subscription databases effectively as a vital skill for college-bound students.

The Why Files: The Science Behind the News

"Created at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the auspices of the National Institute for Science Education, the Why Files web site provides scientific information to explain and expand on current news stories. This witty web site updates weekly and provides a searchable archive of stories and articles. A list of National Science Education standards that link to support Why Files articles is included. Additional classroom activities are offered that can be used with an entire class or for extra credit. There is enough intriguing information, as well as cool science images, to entice older students to explore the site on their own. Grades 5-12.

Tip: This site provides an easy way for social studies and science teachers to collaborate on classroom activities focusing on current events and the science behind the news." AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning 2014

Fiction Addiction reads for Veterans' Day

A few years ago, one of our young men--a self-described non-reader--would pick up the same novel every day when he visited the LMC. Then "his" book was checked out by another student and he was devastated. Graduation loomed on the horizon, and this senior hadn't finished "his" book yet. When the book came back, he finished it within a day and pronounced it the best book he'd ever read.

Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am, by Harry Mazer and Peter Lerangis, is that book. As the novel begins, it's opening night of the spring musical at Eastport High School. Senior Ben Bright is the star of the show who's been keeping a huge secret from family and friends: he's joining the army after graduation.

It's a quick read, and copies are available in the LMC. Discussion Nov. 20.

November is Native American History Month

Please take a few moments to view the artwork in our display cases this week. RIf you ever want a Picturing America poster for your classroom or office, we'll deliver it. The complete list of posters may be found here. We are featuring 5b, 6b, and 8b at this time.

The Cahokia Mounds poster comes from a road trip. Collinsville, Illinois, was founded near the site of the Cahokia Mounds. I have chocolate for the first person to email me with the name of the RTHS staff member who hails from Collinsville.
The book cover images above are from our Follett Destiny Quest Catalog.