By Pierson Malone

Join the best colony of the Southern colonies!!!

You can grow tobacco on big plantations and get rich. You can live in Jamestown, or make your own little town the way you want.

Go to your local dock and pay your way to Viginia!!!!

The price to get on the boat is 1 shilling. The climate is wonderful. It has mild winters and hot summers. It also has good fertile land good for growing your crops.

The founder of Virginia

You will not regret your decision to come and settle the great land of Virginia

What can I do when I get to Virginia

You can become a plantation owner and grow what ever you want. You can also become a representative in the House of Burgesses.
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Other important details

In Viginia you can own slaves and hire indentured servants to work in your plantation. You can become a rancher and raise pigs, cows, lambs, goats, and horses.