Savvy Students

November Newsletter for Wyman/Holden Library

End of Semester One

November brings the end of the first Semester and already it feels like the year is flying by. Maybe that is because we have been so busy. From blogging to Vokis, to Green screen and Spark Video, everyone has been getting their tech on!
Is there anything cuter than a Kindergarten student excited about learning? I don't think so. These are a few pictures of my K class enjoying partnering on the chromebooks. They were exploring Starfall for the first time from the library Early Learning page. And speaking of firsts, Second graders tried out their Google logins, and joined Google Classroom for the first time too.

Voki Avatar Book Talks

Fourth grade students have practiced their technology, reading and writing skills, and combined them all together to present their learning in creative Voki Avatars. An example is found below, but there are many more embedded on my 4th Grade Voki library page.

5th Grade Animoto Videos Coming Soon!

Fifth grade students have been working on storyboards, and gathering information to create book trailers using Animoto that will include green screen videos of scene reenactments. It's a lot to put together, but I'm confident we'll have some stars for the next newsletter.
Accidental Death
I joined forces with Mr. Keaney, sixth grade Wyman teacher, to give his students an opportunity to videotape with my equipment and the library green screen. Student groups created skits in their classroom reflecting what they were learning in history and then signed up for Open Library time to come to the library and perform. More finished projects are up on the Moments In Time library page. We are all looking forward to the next taping session as they move on to Ancient Egypt!