Filipino Food

By Jemilah

Filipino Food

Filipino food derives from the Philippines. Filipino food varies from sweet to savoury. When Spain took over the Philippines they introduced more spices and flavours into their food palate. Most meals are eaten with rice (even breakfast). Filipinos use very kind of food that is available to them, so there are sometimes food that can be very 'interesting'.



Are there some foods that are essential to your culture? What are they, and why are they important?

Lumpia – like spring rolls but don’t cook the spring roll wrapper just wrapped in wrapper, unique, healthy.

Pancit – noodles

Rice pudding

Do some foods make you feel like you are in your homeland or take you back to your childhood?

Taho – with vanilla extract

Fish balls - served with soy sauce for dipping, usually sold on streets

Who usually grows food in your culture?

People within the province (community), if you have land that is big enough you can grow veggies and other stock there.

Who usually cooks food in your culture?

The kids.

Which foods do you eat only on special occassions?

Pancit and Filipino spaghetti.

Are there particular pieces of equipment you use in growing, preparing and sharing food?

No, normal cooking appliances are used.

When is the main meal of the day, and how do people usually share meals?

Dinner, in the pot or cookware the meal was cooked in and the dish will be shared.

Everyday foods

The most available foods in the Philippines is rice - in the Phlippines they have many rice terraces. So a lot of the meals are eaten with rice.

Special Occassion foods

Christmas - families may gather to eat lumpia (spring rolls), and drink tsokolate (a native chocolate drink), salabat (ginger tea) and Puto Bumbong.

Preparation of food

Traditionally Filipinos would just boil, grill, roast or steam food. With meats, most are usually prepared by being marinated. Vinegar is also used to help preserve the food.

Importance of food within culture

Food is very important as it defines the taste of Filipino culture and food. Filipino food can be quite similar to Spanish food, but still is different.
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This meal is very nutritious as provides, vegetables an protein and it is fun for a kid to eat and it is commonly cooked food within the Philippines.