Diane Tullson

Brief Review

Kas is a very talented artist who has been accepted into whitchurch school for the Arts. She wants to become a great artist, but she can't escape the voice inside telling her how she isn't good enough. No matter how hard she tries she can't escape the secret that threatens to leave no trace of her behind.


I think the author's message she is trying to send from ZERO is don't self pity yourself too much and never doubt yourself as that can lead to terrible things. I also think the author is spreading awareness of eating disorders.


The author doesn't state the exact location where ZERO is taking place, but the book definately in America, living in a town attending Whitchurch High


Kas- Kas is the protagonist of ZERO. I don't like Kas that much because of all the self pity she does to herself. She doesn't see her artistic talent in herself and thinks she isn't good enough. Even though she is the main character, I don't care much for her.

Marin- Marin is an actor trying to get a big part in a show. Marin and Kas are friends and support each other when they don't think they are good enough. They don't give enough detail for Marin so I also don't care much for Marin.