ThingLink Challenge

Whenever you create, SHARE! Whenever you learn, TEACH!

All About ThingLink

Thinglink, which lets users create and share interactive images, is truly "device neutral" as it works as both a website and a mobile app. Thinglink lets users add content on top of any image, including video, audio, links, and more!

Your Task!

  • Download the ThingLink app or open Create or log in to your ThingLink account.
  • Add an image of yourself...something you have on your camera roll or a selfie you take right now! Tap on "Add text" and type your name.
  • Next, add another "bullseye." Choose "Add media" and then "Add from YouTube." Now you can find a video (something that would help someone get to know you.)
  • Continue to add more "bullseyes" that contain different facts about you.

Here's how teachers are using ThingLink!

  • Getting to Know You/Back to School introductions
  • Biographies of historical figures/characters/authors
  • "Audible Visuals"
  • Interactive Photo Collages