tech theater

Set design

  1. Set design involves how the building, planning and conduction of set building.
  2. You need to think about props and color when designing sets.
  3. a set disigner must work closely with the director to bring the vision of the play to life.
  4. A set can make or break a play, and can suck a audience into the past or future.
  5. sets can be made out of all types of materials.

elements ans prinsiples

the five elements of design are

  1. space- the area inside the design
  2. shape- the two dimentinal area that the design occupies
  3. color- the varation of the pigmentation put onto the set to give it pop and flare.
  4. harmony- to have visual unity.
  5. balance- to be equalized in the design, symmetrical.

light design

  1. must understand the mood that the play is going for
  2. moods are determined by shapes ans colors
  3. sometimes gobos or textures are necessary
  4. light is used to direct the attention of the ausence to a set or actor
  5. one must use different types of lights in a play.

sound design

  1. important to get the sound effects "in line" with the visual aspect of the movie
  2. used to point the viewers in the right direction in terms of plot
  3. can be computerized or made by random sounds from real life
  4. can effect the mood
  5. entire studios are dedicated to the production of these sounds

makeup & costumes

  1. makeup can tell you the age of the character
  2. The type of costume will indicate to what type of person they are and the part they will play in the story.
  3. bad costumes can confuse the audience ans not tell them who the "good guy" is
  4. costumes are not as durable as regular clothes
  5. there are many types of fabrics that are used in costume design