All About the Sun

Logan Ameres

The Sun's Heat

The Sun is very very hot, Astronomers are still not 100% sure how hot our Sun is. Near the outside of the Sun, it can reach 10,000 Degrease F! That is Hot! Right in the center of the Sun, it is over 27 million Degrease F! That is even hotter than the outside! The Sun is so hot it can burn anything. It can burn diamonds! When the Sun was first made, it could have been hotter or colder.

How does the Sun makes it's Heat?

The Sun makes it's heat in weird ways. The Sun's heat is very cool. Then Sun is made up of two things:Hydrogen and helium, these two thing make the Sun's heat. The Sun sort of has many little bombs, the bombs explode and make heat. The hydrogen and helium comes from our solar system and goes to the Sun to make it keep up with is't heat!

How old is the Sun?

Astronomers believe the Sun was made in many different ways. Astronomers are still thinking how the Sun was made.The Sun is a lot more then 5 billion years old! That is a lot of years! Some Astronomers think the Sun was made out of a huge cloud of gas and dust. Can you believe that? The Sun was made long long ago, Astronomers are still looking for answers. When do YOU think the Sun was made?

No Sun, No People!

The Sun is very important, why? You are about to find out!If there was NO Sun, not one thing could live on earth! So, if there was no Sun there would be no trees,animals,creatures, or people. No life would be on Earth without the Sun! The Sun is very important, don't you see? If the Sun was not here, this text wouldn't be written down here.

How Large is the Sun?

The Sun is very very very large. It is a lot bigger then Earth!The Sun's Diameter is about 864,000 miles long! Can you imagine if you had to run around that? if the Sun was hollow in the inside, it could hold about 1.3 million Earths inside it! The Sun is very large, soon the Sun will get bigger and bigger or smaller and smaller.