Wanna Run A Country?

Become A President

The Requirements


-Natural Born Citizen

-35 Years of Age

-Resident for at Least 14 Years


-Military or Political Service




Seems like Anyone in The Country Can Be President!!

The Roles of the President

-To the right, George W. Bush saying a speech about leading the nation.

1.Chief Executive: President leads the actions of the executive branch.

2.Chief of State: Leader of the nation, not just the government.

3.Commander in Chief: In charge of the armed forces.

4.Chief Diplomat: Responsible for foreign communication.

5.Chief Legislator: Helps Congress shape the policy of the U.S.

6.Chief of Party: Helps gets Democrats into office.

7.Chief Citizen: Must represent the people of the United States.

8.Chief Manager of the Economy: Responsible for unemployment rates, income, and taxes.