Lets take a close look at some historical sights!

The lake De Guija is in the border with guatemala. De Guija lake is one of the largest lakes in San Salvador. Another interesting river is the Lempa river because before it was a major transportation route. When you are out and about and you want to see different things you might be abel to see some volcanos.The good thing is that they are non-active. Their is still a lot of more fun places you can go with friends and family. Cherish these memories and breath in the site!:)

Do you want to know some of San salvador's most popular meals and deserts?

Now lets start with one of there most popular meal called "pupusas" they are thick tortillas stuffed with beans,cheese, and beef. You don't need all of this in your "pupusas". Also some of their stable foods are beans, rice,and tortillas. Lets move on to there most popular deserts. Its a fried bananas dipped with sweet delicious sour cream. Last but not least dinner.If you like healthy dinner you can get the "Iguana" soup. The iguana soup has a speck of spice and have a lot of vegetables. So male sure to get some of these delicious meals and deserts before doing something. :)