Tierra Caliente

The Tropical Lowlands

Characteristics of the Land

The Tierra Caliente is lowest of four elevations in Andes Mountains. The climate of the location is generally hot, with a temperature ranging for 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit and lots of humidity.


After a long hike in the mountains you can stop and grab some bananas from the banana plantation for smoothies or water you like. The main crops in Tierra Caliente are bananas, rice, and sugarcane.


Bring your swimsuit! The temperatures in Tierra Caliente are very warm! So when packing your suitcase, remember to being shorts and t-shirts! You don't want to be sweating in pants.


The houses in Tierra Caliente are made of bamboo or wood, and they have palm tree leaves for their roofs to let the breeze through the house.


Getting bored? Not anymore! The Tierra Caliente has plenty of rocky parts for hiking! There is also flat grounds for walks around the location, and in the rainforests.