My AVID Fall Exam

Cameron Ward, 1-11-16, 3rd AVID, 7th Grade

Thought #1

TRF's: This has helped me, to understand my questions and my problems better. I can also correct my bad grades with help. They also help me with the steps I need to do or complete this problem or question.


Thought #2

Cornell Notes: This has helped me understand what I have learned in my previous classes. I have also learned how to HD my cornell notes and how this can really help me see how this can help me learn a lot more.


Thought #3

Tutorials: This has helped me understand my questions and how I can solve them on my own. This is a good thing , because I can correct my homework that I got a failing grade on

and get a better grade when I am at tutorials.


Thoughts #4

Organization: This has helped me be organize and helped me find my papers better than I used to be in six grade. Know that I learned how to stay organize I have never lost a paper that I had or had to turn in.


Thought #5

Cornell Notes HD: This has helped me understand why I must highlight and number my notes so that I know what is every important or not so important to the notes. I have also learned that this has helped a lot of people understand there cornell notes better.


Thought #6

Community Service: This has helped me understand how we can help people all around the word and I am glad that I have helped in this process and made a difference in peoples lives and I am happy for knowing how and what I can do to help others.


Final Thought

ANTICIPATION: In my next semester I will try my best to be better in AVID. I will stay on task and work hard to become a better student in my AVID class. I will use my cornell notes and make sure to always stay organize. I will be a successful student when I grow up to college and will be successful in all my classes and I will study and be a prepared.