Dear Parents,

We are almost done with our school year and we have a lot of work to do. We are preparing our final event as well as also preparing for our final Field Trip to the Zoo. If you have not sent your permission form, please do it as soon as possible. We need to tell the zoo how many tickets we will need.

We want to remind the mothers of our girls, that we need to get the Hawaiian skirts for our last event of the year.(The green one you can get at the dollar store for girls , and the coconut tops).

For the boys, we will send more information during the week .

We are very excited for our field trip on Thursday May 26th. Please know that it is a ½ day! We plan to be done at the zoo by around 1:00 p.m. If you are going alone with your child, you may leave or stay as long as you like and can go home at any time. JUST KNOW THAT YOU HAVE TO FIND YOUR TEACHER TO SIGN YOUR CHILD OUT BEFORE YOU GO. WE NEED TO KNOW WHO LEFT THE ZOO. OTHERWISE, WE WILL BE SEARCHING FOREVER TO TRY AND FIND YOU. IF YOU ARE DRIVING A CHILD THERE, THEN YOU NEED TO BRING THEM BACK TO SCHOOL. THOSE STUDENTS WILL BE STAYING AT EXTENDED CARE OR BE PICKED UP BY THEIR PARENTS AT SCHOOL. Then keep in mind that the next day we do not have school due to our long Memorial Day weekend. There is no school on the Monday the 30th either!!! Yay!

We need some volunteers this week. If you can help us with our pending projects, that would be awesome!. Please send us a confirming email to consider your help.


This week we started reviewing the alphabet in Spanish due to the fact that many of our students have been sick. We consider it to be very important that they know what they missed.

We also want to review the numbers from 1 to 10 using symbols and units. They already know how to count from 1 to 20.

We want our students to practice their names at home as much as they can.

This week our students will learn more about what gifts our Lord gave us. We are talking about the animals and the special care we should give them.

God loves us always and he wants us to be thankful of everything that we have. Please talk to them about it and help them to understand about being thankful.

Because of our Field Trip to the Zoo, this week we start to view some videos about different kinds of zoo animals. We are learning what sounds they make, what they eat and where they live in their natural habitat. We are learning that they are in our lives and it is up to do to help care for them in our world.

We hope you have a wonderful week.

Ms Sonia & Ms Marseille

We need to know who is going to the zoo by tomorrow !!! Por Favorsito!!

Send in your permission slip and $9.00 per person. This is a special prize for our school group.