AVID Update

November 2014 ******* A time for giving thanks! *******

AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

AVID Parents Giving Thanks!

Pilar Davila is a parent volunteer at San Ysidro H.S. Her son, a graduate of SYH with a full scholarship to Oregon State University, was enrolled in the 0 period AVID program for the full four years while at SYH. Mrs. Davila is very grateful for the opportunities that the AVID program has given her son as she, herself, never had the opportunity to get a formal education. Although she has no children in the program currently, she looks forward to next year when her daughter enters and enrolls in the 0 period AVID class.

What do you think about the AVID program?

AVID shows students how to fly. It opens up the world to them, perhaps a world very different from their current reality. It emphasizes the importance of studying to become someone important in the world.

How did being in the AVID program help your son?

My son is the first in the family to graduate and go on to college. The AVID program helped my son get organized. Starting in 9th grade he was taken on trips to visit universities. He learned good study habits and took all he right classes.

When my son was a 9th grader here at SYH, I was offered a good job opportunity in Arizona. I spoke to my son about it and told him we should move. My son, however, said he didn’t want to go because he was in the AVID program at SYH and in Arizona he wouldn’t have the same opportunity. I told him we could look for a similar program to enroll him in, and yet he insisted on staying. So we stayed and I truly feel that we made the right decision.

What are some of the more memorable AVID experiences your son had?

Some of the more memorable moments for my son were the fieldtrips to visit colleges in Los Angeles and Riverside. They even went to San Francisco when he was in 10th grade! The kids were so excited and returned so happy! It’s not the same for someone to tell you about a college as it is to actually visit one. They need to go and feel what it’s like! You would never buy a house without seeing it and getting a feel for the neighbors and neighborhood. Also, remember they will be staying at the university for four years, so they have to be comfortable. I know students here from SYH who have gone on those trips and have opted to attend the universities they visited. I am thrilled that they get a chance to go outside of this community and get to know other places, because they return with another mindset. I get so excited!

What is your opinion of the AVID teachers?

The AVID teachers here at SYH infuse a sense of self-confidence in the students. They encourage them to be leaders. They give them lots of support. They don’t mind staying after school a half hour or hour to help them. They are always there helping them with everything! If a student doesn’t make it, it’s definitely not because of the teachers or principal, because they are always here for them!

What is your opinion of AVID students?

I want to tell you that AVID students are very special. They’re very studious and have good values. They have the goal in their mind to get into a university. They’re concerned about getting good grades and all their credits. They’re very competitive in a good way. Overall, AVID students are very special.

What advice would you give to other students about the AVID program?

I get very emotional because my son has broken the chains and is going to a university and I know my daughter will also follow in his path! So my advise to other students is not to stay at the level where you are, but look for other avenues. You can do it. Don’t say, “I can’t do it. I don’t have money.” No! You can do it!

What advice would you give to other parents about the AVID program?

The AVID program doesn’t work by itself. The parents need to create a partnership with the school and come to the school. These four years of high school go by quickly. It is a great satisfaction to know that you and your child did it. My son graduated! It’s an accomplishment that you both make.

It’s not easy, but it’s also not difficult. For me, my son is my right hand. Yet, he still needs to go. He needs to fly! I won’t bother him, but the day he needs me, the day he calls, I’ll be there to support him! Don’t worry! Let your children go. You might say I say this because I have a son, but no! I want the same for my daughter. She’s in 8th grade now and I tell her that she, too, needs to spread her wings and soar. Who are we to stop them or cut their wings. Let them fly!

Our children need to leave this environment and be exposed to other things and become something more. They need to go beyond our community and find new heights. Parents should consider AVID. They won’t regret it!

Students Give Thanks to AVID for....

AVID Students at ELH Are Making a Difference!

Eastlake H.S. AVID students and their AVID Teacher, Luis Lopez, are making a big difference in the lives of their community by spearheading the "Blue Ribbon Week." A variety of activities are planned allowing for ELH students, staff and community members to learn about the art of appreciation, respect, and love in order to create a safe, healthy and inspiring environment. "Who I Am Makes a Difference" blue ribbons will be distributed throughout the week, along with acknowledgments to the recipients about the positive contribution they make in the lives of others. The week will culminate in a 50 minute "Blue Ribbon Assembly" attended by over 3000 students, staff and guests. Overall, the goal is for students to experience connectedness, raise their self-esteem and create a sustainable positive atmosphere in their classroom, home and community.

SUH AVID Students' Northern CA College Roadtrip

AVID students at Sweetwater H.S. are giving thanks for having had the opportunity to participate in a week-long northern CA College Road Trip this past fall break. Not only did they get to tour the campuses of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Stanford, San Jose State University, San Francisco State University, UC Davis, and Sacramento State University, but they also got to visit the local attractions at each of their destinations. Kudos to Claudia Tellez, SUH AVID Coordinator, for making all of the arrangements!