Warren Warriors Bulletin

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Color Guard

Color Guard is an amazing thing to be apart of. In color guard you get to dance and toss flag in the air. You get to: dance, go to practices and competitions outside of school, learn new things, and have fun with your friends. Although it is great fun, it is hard work with, having good coordination, a good sense of rhythm, and being able to pick things quickly. There are some financial things to it, but nothing too much. You have to remember that it is not a class you can take, it is outside of school, with practices being two days a week. You don't need to have any dance background and anyone can do it.
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Musical Theater

The purpose of musical theater is to do all arts, sing dance and act. It is hard work with you expected to give 110%. The hard work involves: doing after school practice for long periods of time, practicing on your own time, be an all-around performer, and performances can be nerve wracking to some. On the contrary, there are benefits to drama including you get to: make new friends, do the things you love to do, and be a different person on stage. As well as making friends, everyone becomes a family with spending more time together in class and in practices. The motto, "Everything's an audition" means they look at everything, if your talking while they are, doing everything they ask of you, or just goofing off. They will take that under consideration when it comes time for auditions.


The purpose of athletics is to become fit and be a better athlete. In athletics, you get to play sports, work out, and have fun. However, along with fun come work. Their are challenging things to athletics that might be a bad thing for people to join, things like a lot of running, leg work out. The try-outs they can be saddening for some if they don't make a team. Other than that, when you make a team its such a fufilling feeling.


Band teaches you how to play an instrument with no background knowledge whatsoever. Band teaches how to; read music, get out of your comfort zone, preform in front of people, challenge yourself, and keep a steady beat. With such discipline there are good things like, trying something new, and making new friends. It also takes you for adventures like all-region and other competitions around the region.