Ms. Doggett's Class Newsletter


Hello Parents,

I can't believe our Winter Break is approaching in just one short week! We have many events coming up for the end of the 2nd Quarter! Please make sure to check out "Upcoming Dates" below!

I also wanted to thank everyone for all the gingerbread house donations we have received! I will be updating this newsletter with pictures from our Holiday Celebration, so make sure to check back!

Have a wonderful Winter Break,

Ms. Doggett


We finished our Energy and Matter Unit and have started on Weather this month.

Students are learning about local and global weather patterns and how those patterns can help us predict the weather. We spent some time classifying clouds and the weather that is associated with them. We learned about different air masses and the fronts that are created by them. Students have also had the chance to observe weather maps and learn how to read them to predict upcoming weather.

Students have continued to watch a daily weather forecast and track the weather using a weather chart. I encourage watching the weather with your child and asking them what they're observing in class.

We will continue our Weather Unit until the end of this quarter. After, we will revisit Matter.

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