Period 3: 1754-1800

Buck Brown, 1/8/16

Virtual Representation

  • British response to the First Continental Congress
  • Parliament believed they represented the beliefs of the colonists, even though the colonists did not have direct representation
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XYZ Affair

  • Occurred in 1797 and 1798
  • Three U.S. envoys were sent to peacefully resolve issues occurring at sea with France
  • The envoys were offered bribes in response
  • This created tension between France and the United States
  • Was a cause of the Quasi War
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Quasi War

  • Fought 1798-1800
  • Undeclared war between the United States and France
  • Caused by the XYZ affair and Jay's Treaty
  • Fought at sea
  • Eventually resolved in 1800 by the Treaty of Mortefontaine
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Alien and Sedition Acts

  • Passed by John Adams in 1798
  • Included the power to remove foreigners, along with making it harder for new immigrants to vote
  • Prohibited public opposition toward the government
  • Resulted in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
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The Election of 1800

  • Peaceful transfer of power from Federalist to Democratic-Republican
  • Jefferson and Burr, who were both Democratic-Republican, tied in the number of electoral votes received
  • The decision went to the House of Representatives
  • Jefferson eventually won the presidency due to the influence of Hamilton
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The American Presidential Election of 1800


POL-1: Peaceful transfer of power from a Federalist president to a Democratic-Republican president in 1800

WOR-2: Conflict between the United States and France in both the XYZ Affair and the Quasi War