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Transfer Files through the Two Types of Online File Sharing

The Web 2.0 revolution has put a strong emphasis on sharing. Whenever we deal with social media, whether it's Facebook, a blog or anything similar, we inevitably see that 'share' button or link. 'Sharing is sexy!' - they say. If you are familiar with the Tumblr world, or with Facebook, you will realize how sharing information has become one of the main ways of interacting online.

Transfer Files and Share with Your Friends and Family and Peers

Sharing is passing information or data from one web user to another via a channel or service. The data can be an image or a multitude of images, text, documents, music, videos and so on. Not all content shared has the same fate or purpose, though.

The First Type of Sharing

The first type of sharing is the one that continuously happens on social networks. Users make posts that contain a certain file or information in another form that reach their network of friends or anyone viewing their page. The content is usually of general interest and can be viewed by anyone. Its purpose is to inform or entertain. Often, such posts are meant as propaganda. This is the kind of sharing that may lead to viral posts like videos or pictures that eventually get to be known to everybody.

The Second Type of Sharing

The second type of sharing is the private one. Certain information must be seen only by certain eyes. For example, person A needs to send person B a file, without any interference from other users. Or, on to a different level, there is a need of sharing within a business.

Choose the Right File Hosting Service

Employees and offices transfer files and share those constantly. For this, a good and reliable file hosting service is necessary. Security is a most important aspect, which has to be treated with maximum seriousness. When a business doesn't protect the data it sends or which circulated between its employees, it can fail in so many ways. Information can be used by malicious third parties.

There are online file storing and sharing services that do a great job when it comes to ease of use and security, such as is For starters, you may sign up for a free storage account and see how you deal with it. Note that free accounts come with limitations. If you come to the conclusion that you need more bandwidth to use or additional features, you can upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions. Users can have as much as 2TB to store data online and send it to whoever needs it.