Sierra Leone

Facts of Sierra Leone

Country Symbol

The lion is a symbol of Sierra Leone. And the mountains the country named after it It appears on the nations coat of arms as well as it's currency.

Fun Facts

Sierra Leone is one of the top diamond mining nations in the world. The country is famous for it's blood diamond's, that were mined and sold illegally to pay for weapons during the civil war.

Facts of Awesomeness (and Sierra Leone)

Sierra Leonean Civil Wars

Sierra Leone Civil War

The people grew more and more unhappy with their government, and not long after president Stevens retried in 1985 violence broke out between the government and a rebel group known as the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). More than 10,000 people were killed in the resulting conflict. The military too control of the government in 1992, and four years later multiparty elections were held. Unfortunatley, the fighting continued. RUF forced president Kabbah from power in 1997, and the government takeover leader Johnny Paul Koroma , took control of the country with the help of RUF rebels. A Nigerian-led peacekeeping force arrived in Sierra Leone that summer and drove Koroma out returning Kabbah to office.

Sierra Leone Civil War Part 2

In 1999 rebel troops stormed Freetown. Thousands were killed in the fight for the city , and thousands more became refugees (people forced to leave their homes because of war). The two sides signed a peace agreement and a United Nations peacekeeping force arrived to disarm soldiers on both sides. Rebels still controlled around half the country, including most of Sierra Leone's diamond mines, from which they had smuggled millions of dollars in diamonds to pay for the war. They gradually disarmed them over the next few years. Peace was officially declared in 2002, and elections were held. More than 50,000 lives were lost in the civil war, and hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans fled to live in different countries. Today many have returned to their homes and are working on rebuilding their lives.