The Dynasty's!

By: Holly and Kelsey

The Shang!

There accomplishments helped them because they were the first people to have bronze weapons so they had an advantage against their opponents. so they won the war and helped people in the future. They won a lot of wars and conquered a lot of Kingdoms.

The Zhou!

In the Zhou dynasty they created the three philosophies, confucianism, legalism, and Daoism. These were used to calm the Zhou down. They were also created to stop the war and show everyone a different way of living.

The Qin!

He built the great wall of China to protect the city from intruders and made them work to build the wall. He would take farmers away from their work to help build the wall. If they died he buried them into the wall. The wall might not keep intruders out now but it is an amazing artifact. The Emperor Of Qin standardized everything he could. He simplified money so they all weighed the same and they had holes in them so you could carry them on a cord or string. He also standardized the weights so they would all weigh the same, and be the same size. The only acceptable form of money became coins. Measuring cups were made to hold the same amount everywhere, and weights were all made of bronze. 9,000 approved official characters for writing were approved by the Emperor of Qin.


The Han was the first place to use iron weapons which is stronger. They were also longer so they could hit other people without getting to close. so it would be easier for them to win without losing too many people. Today iron weapons are what we use today and they are very useful. Paper is very important because you can talk to other people by writing to them. It would be easier for them to get notes back and forth if they can just send it. If you have paper you can put all of the rules on the paper and put it up on the wall.The silk road was important because it let them get food and materials that they couldn't get. They were also the only people that knew how to make silk so they traded it for a lot. The silk road helps people now because now everyone knows how to make silk and people can travel on the road to get to another place. The Moxibustion is a type of medicine that the Han created. They put the cone powder on your skin and light it on fire to promote healing. The Han also discovered that the blood circulates through the body and back to the heart. Hundreds of years before the americans.

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