living made easy

A holy city

This city is very holy, people here were christian (believers in jesus) in diferent ways some catholic some baptist some methodist. but they all believed the same thing just in a little diferent way.
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Dont bring your idols to this city! its not allowed here after the king banned them for religouse reasons. The government here is like no other all the diderent religions are parts of government then every once in a while come down to the races where all the diferent teams chariot raced for the towns entertainment!


This city is in the perfect location lots of water and land for trading! also alot of fishing fo food we also have many aquesducts to keep the water suply going! so you will never worry about starving again!

Daily life

The daily life here in constantiople is calm happy everyone is working and socializing with others. Its very rare for invaders to get in. it has a good climate also! this is the perfect place to live!
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