The Big Chew Park

You Are In For A Scary Dark Long Bumpy Smelly Ride

The Big Chew

this theme park is great for kids of all ages. You and all of you're kids will learn about so many thing. You will learn about mechanical digestion, chemical digestion, about mouth/teeth,your saliva, Enzymes, stomach & small intestine and so much more


All of the things you will learn when you come to the Big Chew Park.

you will learn where things are located but here are the things that you will learn. it is your Esophagus, Epiglottis, Peristalsis, your Mucus, Pepsin, The Hydrochloric Acid in you stomach, small intestine , liver, bile, gallbladder, Pancreas, villi, Blood vessels or bloodstream, large intestine, Rectum. all the things you can learn about the digestive system all in this small little day. This is one big theme park.
Call Me Maybe (Digestive System Parody)