4th Grade News

Mrs. Graver ~ November 16, 2017

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Knowledge is our Superpower!

Next week is a short week so there will not be a newsletter.

Things to remember:

*Finish Prayer Testing- The Liturgy of the Hours prayer will be assessed from today through Nov. 21st.

*AR- Each student should accumulate at least 15 points and read and pass at least 1 nonfiction book by the end of the trimester.

*Missing work- When a student has a missing assignment, they are given a late slip stating the name of the assignment. My expectation is that the work is completed and returned the next day with the slip. It is up to the student to do the work and turn it in to receive credit. Your support through daily planner checks is encouraged and greatly appreciated. Additionally, you can refer to Power School to monitor assignments.

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Thanksgiving Break begins Wednesday, Nov. 22nd at NOON- Friday, Nov. 25th

Weekly Learning Goals


*Round to estimate sums, differences, and products

*Estimate to check the reasonableness of an answer


*Analyze character traits of the main character in a tall tale

* Spell words with ou & oi

*Identify complete subjects & predicates and simple subjects & predicates


*Identify sound energy and how it is produced

Social Studies

* Name and describe land regions of Washington state


*Beatitude Service project: Write letters of comfort to relatives of parishioners who have passed away in the last year.