Tips in Buxton

"Elija of Buxton"

Welcome to Buxton!

Welcome to Buxton, located in Canada! Buxton is the original settlement site on the west coast of Canada where the underground railroad brought many slaves to safety from America.

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"Tips for surviving at school"

1. Remember to be respectful to your teacher at ALL times. Being rude is not tolerated.

2. Don't call out in class because the teacher might just pull your ear or slap your hand! No write-ups here. They discipline with force.

3. Avoid talking back to your teacher for the same reason listed above.

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"How not to get into danger"

  • “How not to get into danger

1. Be sociable, but make sure you are safe about it. You don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself.

2.Walk away from the creepy preacher because the preacher is not to be trusted.

3.Don’t talk to strangers (stranger danger).

4.Avoid slave snatchers at all cost. They are not very loyal or friendly.

¨How to not be gullible¨

1.Don't listen to everything people say. People like to talk in the settlement in Buxton and tell wild tales

2. Trust your instincts; don’t doubt yourself

3. Trust your family and friends over everybody else

4. Don’t keep anything that does not belong to you. People are likely to think you stole it since they are very careful with their possessions.

5. Once again, avoid the creepy preacher!

¨What to be aware of¨

1. The locals like to fish and they aren’t afraid to go walking in the woods.

2.Snakes are just as dangerous as the preacher. Keep a lookout!

3. Buxton, Canada is a settlement of runaway slaves from the United States.

4. Canada is a free country - there aren’t any slaves.

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“Local Attractions, Eateries, etc.”

1. Carnival of Oddities - 3 nights only for residents of Chatham, Buxton, and the surrounding areas. This event features calliope music, sweets, unusual freaks of nature, “world’s greatest hypnotist”, and rare medicines to cure any illness or problem.

2.Mrs. Brown’s pies - stop by Mrs. Brown’s house for a tasty treat. If you’re low on cash, she’ll even consider trading a pie for some fish because it will make her husband happy.

3.Lake Erie - it’s a good fishing spot.

4. Buxton Settlement. Their creed is “One helping one to uplift all.” It sounds like a friendly place, right?

“Local wildlife”

1.rattlesnakes bears



5. Deer

6. Rabbits

“Very unique people to watch out for¨

1. Preacher

2. Elijah

3. Cooter

4. Mr.leeroy