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Falcon News for the month of March

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A Sneak Peak at the Month Ahead

3/2- Read Across America Day

3/8- Donuts with Dads for Pre-k through 2nd Grade

3/12- End of Third Quarter

3/13- Donuts with Dads for 3-5th Grade, Skating Party 6PM

3/15- 4th and 5th Grade Music Program 6PM, Ice Cream Social immediately following

3/16- School Wide Health Fair/ Jump Rope for Heart

3/19-3/21- School IN session due to snow make up days

3/22- SPRING BREAK Begins

4/2- School Resumes

A Note from Mrs. Lunsford

We've spent a lot of time talking about the social emotional health of our falcons this year. So far you've learned the following things are necessary for strong social-emotional students:

1) A web of five (five caring adults who are invested in your child's life).

2) That your child knows who these five are and feels connected to them.

3) That these adults seek to teach your child tangible and intangible skills.

*Tangible skills can be measured; how to eat healthy, exercise skills, good sleeping habits, hobby skills etc.

*Intangible skills are things that can't be measured; patience, kindness, self-control

Let's tackle the next important skill in raising up socially-emotionally healthy students. Resiliency. Did you know that we can intentionally teach our kids to be more resilient? Yep, it's true! Consider these four things when you are working to raise up your falcon.

1) Are they optimistic? If not, what conversations can you have to help them look at things through a more positive lens?

2) Do they know that there are LOTS of different kinds of smarts? Some students are number smart, some are music smart, some are word smart. We're all smart, it's a matter of knowing what kind of smart you are AND knowing that you can always learn to be smarter in a specific area. It just takes practice!

3) Does your child have a sense of wonder? Why is the sky blue? What makes the rain fall? Do things happen for a reason? When your child has a sense of wonder it supports their sense of resiliency. Support their wonder by asking questions of your own.

4) How does your child feel around groups of people? This does not mean your child has to be an extrovert by nature, they simply need to know how to manage their own comfort within a group. When they enter a room full of people do they want to turn around and walk out or do they know how to find those they connect with to find their place?

All of these skills help to foster strong resiliency in our kids. Consider the ways that you can support the above four skills in your kids at home! Let's help our falcons be healthy physically AND emotionally!

Save the Date! FS Arts Express Roadshow Event

Friday, April 20th, 6pm

1360 E Tipton St

Huntington, IN

You won't want to miss our Flint Springs Elementary Arts Express Roadshow and Scholarship Dinner!

Pulled Pork Dinner, Art Show and Lion King Jr.

Mark your calendars now for this fun evening of Falcon talent!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Students in grades 3-5 completed round one of ISTEP last week. They did a great job with the switch from paper/pencil to all online testing. Students were tested in short answer form in both math and language arts, completed a writing prompt and 4th and 5th grades tested in science or social studies.

Our next round of testing takes place for all THIRD grade students beginning next week, March 12-16th. Students will take part in the annual IREAD-3 exam. This is a reading skills assessment. All third graders are required to pass this test to move on to fourth grade.

The final round of testing will be for all 3rd through 5th grade students and will consist of the multiple choice portion. Students will take part in this last round of testing April 16th through May 4th.

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Snow Make Up Days

Don't forget that our snow make up days will be March 19th, 20th and 21st! Spring break begins Thursday, March 22nd. Please make sure your child is in attendance on these days!