By Amariah Irish


Isabel is the main character of the story. She is scared, worried, surprised, and happy in different sections of the book. Isabel has a nice family in the beginning but her mother is dead. But she visits her grave time to time. She also has a little sister she loves to take care of, her name is Ruth, and Isabel's father is still with her. The rising action is when Miss Mary Finch died and Ruth and Isabel now belonged to Mr. Robert. The climax is when Isabel decides to run away from Madam and Isabel also found out that Ruth was given to another family across the Jordan River. The falling action is when Isabel escapes from the prison where Curzon was in. The setting of the story is Newport Rhode Island plus New York when Ruth and Isabel were with Mrs. Finch. The author of the book Chains is by Laurie Halse Anderson. The book Chains is about a little girl named Isabel with her little sister Ruth. When their owner died they were promised freedom but no one believed them so they were both sold to the Lockton's. The Lockton's are very cruel to Ruth and Isabel. Isabel runs for her life even though Ruth was given to a different family. She meets a slave boy named Curzon and she starts spying so she and Ruth can have their freedom. But the patriot general turns his back on Isabel and return her to Madam, and for Isabel's punishment Madam burns her cheek with the letter I. She later steals a rowboat and goes across the water. Isabel is finally free.