Buy and Sell in the Philippines

How to Get Started With Classified Ads Posting

Beginners’ Guide to Start Classified Ads Posting in the Philippines

The buy and sell industry in the Philippines has grown tremendously. Of course, this is not limited to big merchants who would put up stores or maybe build their own brands. Most of the time these entrepreneurs are housewives, teenagers and any person who is into buying an item and selling it. At present, the way to get into this business is through classified ads posting.

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Of course, the potential of classified ads posting is not limited to those with already established names. Even the “common tao” can too. A housewife can post her baking tools she doesn’t need online. A teen who sorted some clothes and wants to sell rarely used items like denim pants can sell them too on classified ads. A dad who wants to get a new car yet needs to sell the old one can too.

Classified ads posting provides every person a way to conduct business. If you are one of the many interested in venturing it, below are steps to help you get started.

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1. Determine the products you want to sell

You can start with what you have. Of course you need to make sure that what you will be offering are still in top shape. If these are gadgets it should be working properly. If these are clothes it should still look presentable. If these are baking utensils it should be without cracks or chipping. Make sure all items you are going to sell are presentable.

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2. Review classified ads posting sites

Sites like, OLX, and even are good sites to get started. However, you need to review their terms. Before signing up, review the website where you want to sign up. Don’t just shoot the gun. Rushing will do more damage. Take time to see how the website or the selling works, the items they sell, their terms and conditions and more. The buy and sell Philippines industry has loads of classified ads where you can sign up. You just have to get started with one you can easily sign up and handle business with.
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3. Build your reputation

Most buyers will go for ads where sellers have high star reviews. Of course on your first sign up, it is expected that your ranking is zero. So, how are you going to build your reputation? By being a buyer, a forum participant and someone’s student. You can buy items on the site which you can later on sell. One good item you can start with is clothes like toned slacks or household items like window blinds. You can also start by joining forum discussions on that site and potential find one that can mentor you. You can meet high end or expert sellers through this avenue.
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After some time of determining, reviewing and building your reputation, you can now start with your classified ads posting.