Job and Odysseus

"Odysseus' strong hands clinging to the rocks until the skin was ripped off. The waves pulled him under, and he would have died then and there."

In the Odyssey, Odysseus never let fear beat him when in a potentially deadly situation. Poseidon could have killed him in the water but he didn't give up. He survived.
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"God knows I've suffered and had my share of sorrows In war and at sea. I can take more if I have to."

Odysseus was given the opportunity to leave Calypso's island. Even though he only could build a small raft, and Poseidon could destroy him at sea, he had the courage to journey home.
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"May he have as much success in life as he'll have in trying to string that bow."

The suitors were mocking Odysseus because they did not know it was him under his disguise. It took him a lot of courage to face all of those men alone to win back his home.
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"Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I shall return there. The Lord has given and the Lord has taken. May the Lord's name be blessed."

Job had just lost his family and his livestock all in one day. Even in his suffering he remained faithful to the Lord. It would have taken his great courage to keep his faith in God. He must have experienced fear once he lost so much.
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"You speak as one of the base women would speak. Shall we accept good from God, too, and Evil we shall not accept?"

Through all of Job's suffering he had courage to stand up to his wife as she encouraged Job to curse God. He did not. He told her she was wrong.
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"Instruct me-as for me, I'll keep silent, and let me know where I went wrong."

Job spoke to God about his suffering. He had the courage to confront God himself instead of cursing him behind his back.
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