ISIS Terrorists and Refugee Crisis

What is the Isis Terrorist Crisis?

Many refugees have fled from Syria because of war but still many ISIS smugglers are disguised as refugees and are helping ISIS terrorists across the border into Europe.

How are European countries reacting to the refugee crisis and ISIS terrorists?

Many countries have put up barriers on their borders to prevent refugees from coming into their homes with the possibility of ISIS terrorists coming into their country and attacking it like they did in Syria.

Where was the ISIS terrorist crisis started and where are they now?

The terrorists started in Syria and are using smugglers in the midst of Syrian refugees as a disguise for leading the ISIS terrorists into other countries.

What is happening to all the innocent refugees that are trying to escape waring in their countries?

They are being barricaded against their will from reaching many countries and are fighting back but when they do they only insue more pain upon themselves like the tear gas in Hungary.

By Owen Harry