Mrs. Rollins Class

Room 104

November Family Project DUE Novemeber 18

For our November family project this year, you and your child will be creating a timeline of their life. This is such a neat project for the students to do and share with the

class. This also directly correlates with our timeline social studies unit!

First, discuss timelines with your family. Then, help them select 4-6 important

moments in their life. Use white paper, no larger than 6x6 inches to show each

event. Each event should have a picture, be labeled with the event, and include the

date. You can attach photos or draw pictures for each one and decorate any way

you’d like.The first picture on the timeline should be the day they were born. The last picture should be current. Some ideas for the other four are: first word, first tooth, first

steps, first haircut, first day of preschool, vacations, visits from relatives, first day

of 1st grade... anything like that. Finally, think of a way you can assemble the events all together. They should be side by side and in chronological order.

Projects will be displayed on a wall, so they must be able to be hung easily on a bulletin board. You could glue them side by side on a poster board; punch two holes on the sides of each one and tie together with yarn or ribbon side by side; or any other creative way you can come up with. All timelines should have a title including the author displayed somewhere as well. For example,“Kevin’s First 7 Years” or “Eileen’s Timeline of Favorite Memories.”

Be sure your child practices what they will say about each event when they will present them to the class. Family projects this year were intended to not only be a

fun way to spend quality time together as a family, but to be creative, feel proud of

the final project, create a darling 1st grade keepsake, AND learn to sit in front

of the class and share their projects as a presenter!

If you need any materials at all, please let me know! You will get these projects back before Christmas break! Please see the back for examples!

Fall Sing-A-long is...

this Friday at 1:15! Please have your child dress in any outfit from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, etc. We will be ROCKING it out!!

Reading Workshop

We will be diving deep into comprehension this six weeks! We will make self to text connections, text to text connections and text to world connections!

Grandparent's Day

is on Tuesday, November 26. Before lunch, all grandparents are invited to our classroom. We will be performing reader's theaters skits. Each student will have a small role. Look in their folder this week for their script. Please practice at home!

After our performances, we will head to the cafe, all grandparents and/or family members are welcome to join us for lunch or if you wish sign out to go to lunch just remember:

If someone other than those listed on your sheet in the office is planning to pick up your child early that day, your child must bring a note and the person picking them up must bring proper identification.


9:30 Grandparents are invited into the classroom

9:45 Readers Theater begins

10:50 Head to the Cafeteria for lunch

10:57 Lunch

*Grandparents are allowed to take students home after lunch---please be sure to follow Forest Ridge Procedures and Policies stated on the flyer that went home about Grandparents Day check out procedures!

11:45 Recess

Writing Workshop

We will be finishing up our Personal Narratives introduction this six weeks. Then we will start writing for readers- meaning making our writing meaningful and legible to read!


Have you met Odd Todd and Even Steven? No? Well our first graders will this week as we dive into Even and Odd numbers!

Social Studies

Monday we honor and celebrate our Veterans and then look into timelines. This will help us understand the past, present and future!

Early Release- Wednesday November 13 @ 12:45

Remind 101

Many of you have signed up and have been getting reminders for things like camo day, pajama day, etc. If you haven't signed up--it's not too late!

Just follow these instructions:

Grab Your Phone!

Text @9195c to this number: (469)-518-4264)

You should get a confirmation text! All phone numbers remain private! If you prefer, you can sign up via email.

Important Dates:

November 13- Early Release @ 12:45
November 15- Fall Sing-A-Long
November 26- Grandparents Day-look for more info in take home folder soon
November 27-29 Thanksgiving Holiday


Don't forget to send your child with a water bottle!! This prevents students from having to leave the classroom and saves valuable instruction time!

Congrats to Sean F. for being our fabulous falcon!!

Since I wasn't here on Friday to video, our class re-enacted the announcement!