The Dell PC

Geography and Globalization

Geography is the study of earth's features, and atmosphere. Globalization is the connection of people around the world allowing for trade of goods, ideas, culture, and in term forces businesses that do trade goods abroad and at home to innovate to compete against other businesses.

How Globalization Affects ME

Thanks to globalization I can view anywhere in the world from my phone, access the entire information of the world, I can purchase anything I could ever need from the comfort of my bed. I can chat with my friend in England and send him a piece of fake barf if I wanted to. I can also get a job as they are ever increasing in the global market allowing me to find my place and profit. I'm lucky I was born in a time where we have everything we need and more and it's all due to globalization.

What this has to do with the Dell PC

Congo and Africa's World War: Crash Course World History 221

Pros and Cons

Pros -

More products

More business in 3rd world countries

New Tech

Spread of culture

Cons -

Encouraged terrorism

Less business in America

Heavy impact on environment

Taking advantage of the 3rd world countries poverty and needs


Economic - Thanks to China taking a lot of the big businesses away from the US, US workers have less jobs.

Cultural - Thanks to the discovery of coltan in Africa many people there now grow used to the ever increasing violence and the fact that many families are torn apart as they forced to work the mines for some hipster's Iphone, a nerd's computer, or a jock's TV.

Technological - With ever increasing technological development more and more people are locking themselves inside and hiding in the internet.

Environmental - Increase in pollution, objects getting carelessly lost in the ocean, ever increasing use of natural resources, all of them are caused by globalization.

Solution - Having all countries force companies to cut down on pollution increase, creating safer modes of transport, and finding ways to create natural resources without taking too many from nature are a way to solve the environmental problem.