Nuclear Fusion Discovery


The Discovery

The top scientist at my lab and I have just discovered the secret to using nuclear fusion as an energy source.While heating up a sample of hydrogen to over 170 million degrees Fahrenheit using a device that utilizes magnetic fields to hold hydrogen gas in place while applying powerful microwaves to the gas, we concluded plasma can be held in suspension while heated to extreme temperatures, which has led to our discovery of how to use nuclear fusion as an energy source.

How it works and fusion/fission

Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission are both reactions that produce energy with atomic bonds joining particles found within a nucleus. The difference is that in fusion, at least two smaller atoms fuse, forming a larger, heavier atom, while in fission, a larger atom splits apart into at least two smaller atoms.

Safety concerns

Nuclear fusion is extremely safe because it lacks the possibility of 'chain reactions' from occurring, and there isn't any production of highly radiotoxic products with a long lifespan.The worst case scenario is a possible accident could escape the confinement barriers that would surround the plant. Even if this happened, however, the radiation levels would never reach the amount needed to evacuate a locality.Furthermore, fusion reactors have extremely low fuel inventories and contain rapid cooling within the machinery that extinguishes fusion reaction in the case of a system error.Finally, when fusion power stations cease to do its job, the reactor chamber, as well as other structural and waste materials, will decay in less than 100 years.

Economic Impact

The cost of nuclear power competitive with other types of electricity product, with the exception of areas with direct access to fossil fuels, making the energy source cheaper. The cost for the fuel which powers the nuclear plants is a small proportion of the plant's net profit, especially with plants not fueled with coal or gas. While there needs to be further proof of concept in the discovery before investors can secure this electricity supply system, we are hopeful to expand very rapidly in the coming months. However, we must not under-estimate the cost of delivery and maintaining the large infrastructure of a nuclear power plant.