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Let's look at "What Good Looks Like" in Kindergarten. From Vickie Bernstein at Camelback Desert

Here is another example of evidence of text dependent questions from my K classroom. We used the book Marcel and Farfallina to discuss how animals grow and change and also used the text in our science studies.

I asked the students the question: “What does the author say that tells us the characters are changing” and the student responses are:

He was growing. - Molly

The caterpillar needs to rest. -Ethan

She was growing too. -Heidi

Weeks went by. -Alexa

When he saw his reflection he didn’t recognize himself. -Derek

Farfallina was not herself. -Cassady

The butterfly said, “I feel uncomfortable.” -Alexa

Large goose. Strong wings. -Cassady

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A very special thanks to each of the Lead Literacy Teachers!

Thanks so much for sending so many photos to me to add depth and breadth to our Shutterfly share site. Each of you has a folder on my desktop and it really helps me to see how my message is being heard across the schools. The pictures I posted show examples of "What Good Looks Like" somewhere on the continuum from beginning, to developing, to advanced, to ownership. I am not posting everything because it is important to make sure that the message on clarity and quality is consistent. When I choose not to post, I will send you some feedback that may help you grow your beginnings to a "best practice." We are all growing and learning and any "try" beats a failure! Progress, not perfection is our goal. Keep up the great work!

Watch this video titled, DEVELOPING COMMON CORE HABITS! It really helps us understand the "habit" of Close Reading.

This video applies the "habit" of Close Reading to a piece of Art. It helps us understand that these practices take us to deeper understanding no matter what the topic or material!

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Rubrics for evaluating the Qualitative Features of Text Complexity

Use this link to find rubrics to deepen your understanding of the Qualitative features of text Complexity.


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