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entry requirements for public service jobs p1


Educational- there are no formal requirements with the education purpose to allow anyone into the police service the profession is open to those people with four C's in there gcses and there is a legal age to join of 18.

Physical -anyone who decided to apply for a job in the police service has to enroll an (JRFT) this is an job related fitness test which mainly consists of two major parts the first test is an endurance test which tests heart and lung efficiency this involves a 15 meter course and also involves the bleep testwhich you would have to get to level 5.4to complete the test.The second test is an push and pull test which is a test of strength which is messured in kg

medical- this involves a good balance of height and weight ratio drug testing and a health questionnaire this will go over your medical history and see if you are fit enough for the job.

fire service

educational- there is no college degree required to join the fire service but they must pass a written assessment to join.

physical- they must complete a range of activities to complete the course this involves

  1. Ladder Climb fully extended 13.5 metre ladder to approximately second storey height.
  2. Casualty Evacuation drag a 55kg casualty walking backwards.
  3. Ladder Lift / Lower Simulation 75 cm off the ground to a height of 182cm and back down to the 75 cm support
  4. Enclosed Spaces This is a test of confidence, agility they should set a good time.
  5. Equipment Assembly This is a test of manual dexterity. Candidates will be required to assemble and disassemble an item.

medical- there are many tests that the person has to complete in order to get into the fire service is test which are designed to go through your medical aspects involved in this are a hearing test which you will need to press a buton when you hear a beep and other test is a step test which involves the person involved steping up and down an a box.

the next test is the lung function you will be asked to blow into a tube this is to see how fit your lungs are so you can run far.

there is also a physical assesment this will test your stamina. this will see if your fit to run for alot period of time .

  • General Tests – you will finally see the doctor who will test your reflexes and discuss your medical questionnaire with you. this is to see how fitt you are.
  • Chest X-Ray – some FRS’s will send you to the local hospital for a chest x-ray.

  • p2 application and selection prosess for the police.

    application prosses for the police the recruitment prosses is very long to join the police force but creating the application is the first thing that should be done there are genral rules in complete the application the rules must be followed.

    there are many requirements for the application process and they must be followed it must be completed in black in only not blue and the sections that do not apply to you should be marked with n/a and you should keep the form in a safe place and should be kept neat and clean. you should also keep photocopies of the application and make draft entries.

    Also use a word document when writing out the form so you can practise spelling and grammar what you must not do is leave a section blank use inappropriate words or comments use untidy presentation and ignore instructions.

    during the application process you need to complete a personal statement which is basically telling them everything about you this will involve

    • name date of birth and address
    • force applying to
    • family details
    • financial details
    • nationality
    • convictions
    • tattoos
    • and medical questions

    this will also involve your employment history which will talk about previous employment and references for previous jobs.

    education and skills is very important to add to your application this is to tell the people who you are applying to your qualifications and if your right for the job.

    during the selection process the candidates will be given equal opportunity to get the job they are applying for this means that nothing should set any candidate apart such as gender age or ethnicity they should all be given a chance to work for the public services this means they will be able to select the best candidate for the specific job roll without discriminating against anyone.

    for the police there are a few physical tests that should be completed for the candidate to be successful.

    the first test is the bleed test the candidate should be able to reach 5.4 level of the bleed test to be successful also there is the push and pull test the candidate should be able to push and pull a weight of 35kg with 10 reps this must be completed for the candidate to carry on with the physical tests.

    the psychometric tests these tests are used to asses your leadership and teamwork skills.the psychometric tests aim to measure attributes like intelligence aptitude and personality they provide the potential employer with the insight into how well you work with other people and how well you handle stress and coping with the demand of the job most of these tests are done within the recruitment process.

    the police initial recruitment test also known as PIRT is a series os screening tests used by the police force to asses the candidates during the recruitment process you will be evaluated through a series of tests simulations and interviews the PIRT assesses many competencies some of which are evaluated by police aptitude tests this involves numerical reasoning skills logical reasoning skills speed vs accuracy skills and verbal abilities. this allows the person overviewing the candidates to get the best possible candidates for the job they are applying for.

    it is important for the candidates to prepare for an interview preparing for an interview is very important this could be the difference in getting the job and not getting the job it is very important that the candidates up for an interview to dress smart look clean make sure your over all appearance is good make sure you have questions available to ask the interviewer this shows the interview that you are interested in the job.

    application and selection process for the fire service.

    the application form provides the fire and rescue service with your personal details the application will talk about your skills which will be used for the fire service such skills like teamwork. there are different types of application forms that can be used to apply for a job roll in the public services there is an hand written application form which is filled in with a pen and there is a computer version of the application form this is done on the computer the requirements for completion of an application form well when filling out the application form the person should be completely honest about the person they are and there set of skills this is very important as the person who you will work with will soon find out if you lied so its an obvious choice to be honest.

    pen colour is specific as well for the application as the person reviewing the application form will need to photocopy the application form so only black ink is allowed when filling out the application form. also it is very important to use correct punctuation and spelling on the application form as this will be the first think that the employer will be looking for as a way to filter out the applicants.

    also it is important to add a letter of application to your cv when applying for the job this is a letter that gives the person who is interviewing you all the information that they need to know about you this letter basically sells yourself to the interviewer. a personal statement needs to be added to the application form this tells the person looking at the applications all they need to know about you this is a very important part as some specific job titles in the public services done allow tattoos so it is very important to tell them everything about you. this also involves telling them about any convictions that you may have as with jobs in the public services need to know that information to allow you to work for them any medical conditions needs to be tolled in the personal statement as well.

    nationality is a must when applying for a job in the public services as you need to be of the same nationality as the country you are applying for the job in.

    it is important to add a curriculum vitae's or CV to your application as this tells the employer your current job history the cv will also tell the employer why you may have left a job and some feedback from people you have worked with and you employer this just gives more background information about you including any work experience

    you may of had and hobbies and interests. this is basically background information to make you stand out from the other applications and will make the employer connect with the application this makes it more likely you will be called in for an interview.

    there is a equal opportunity for every person applying for the job this means that everyone is given a chance to apply for the job and know one will be discriminated against regardless of there age ethnicity or gender. there are six main physical tests that need to be completed in order to be accepted into the fire service

    1. ladder climb- the candidates must fully extend the ladder to 13.5 metres
    2. casualty evacuation -this is a test of lower and upper body strength they are required to drag 55kg backwards
    3. ladder lift / lower simulation- test of upper and lower body strength they are required to lift a bar 75 cm of the ground
    4. enclosed spaces -this is a test of conference and agility the candidates will be wearing the full equipment and the breathing apparatus they will navigate through a measure crawlway within a set time half the route will be in clear vision and the other half obscured vision they will be required to preform tasks in this conditions.
    5. equipment assembly - the candidates will be required to assemble and disassemble all there equipment.
    6. equipment carry -this is a test of muscular strength and stamina the candidates will be required to

    • drag a hose reel from an a appliance for 25 metres
    • pick up and carry 2 coiled 70mm hoses for 100 metres
    • carry 1 coiled 70mm hose at chest height for 25 metres then jog back 75 metres
    • pick up and carry a 2.4 metre suction hose and basket strainer for 100 metres then jog back 100 metres
    • pick up and carry a simulated light portable pump for 100 metres weighing 30kg

    psychometric tests are a series of tests to test the candidate during the application and selection process these will test your speed and accuracy.

    preparation for an interview is very important as getting the right information to ask the interviewer and ask questions is allows you to get more information about the job and preparations for the interview with skills allows you to present yourself correctly to get the best possible chance to get the job.

    p3 identify the different skills and qualities required

    there are many skills for the public services that are important when identifying three skills.

    1. teamwork - teamwork is very important for any public service but is considerably important for the police service as they will use this every day without the police officers using teamwork the jobs that they go to complete may not be successful or be completed easily. for example teamwork would be needed when arresting an individual who is under the influence of drink or drugs because the individual may be resisting arrest for officers involved would allow the officers to arrest the subject without the individual causing injury to himself or anyone else.
    2. cooperation- cooperation is very important skill for the police service to be using in there day to day activities without this skill they would not be able to complete there jobs as efficiently. cooperation would be used when the police are doing a raid on a house expecting to find drugs when the officers go into the house and spread around the property they will constant cooperation with each other so nothing goes wrong if someone was not cooperating the job could go terribly wrong were someone could be injured.
    3. communication is also extremely important as a skill for any public service but again especially the police service this skill would be used when the police force do raid into houses or any property when the police enter the house they need constant communication with each other as there could be occupants inside the property wonting to injure the police when entering so they need to talk to each other all the time so they know were everyone is all the time.

    identifying three qualities.

    1. honesty this is very important for anyone in any job roll but it is very important for the police service every police officer needs to be honest when in court or when righting reports and paperwork if they were not honest they would not be able to be trusted and would probably loose there job.
    2. dedicated they need to be dedicated to them selfs and to there jobs if they were not dedicated in there job they may not complete there jobs as quickly or accurately as someone who was dedicated to your job.they would need to be dedicated in every roll and job of the police force
    3. good listening and speaking being able to listen to people is very important for a police officer to have it allows them to get a much better perception of what is going on speaking is also a very important skill for a police officer to have without this skill they would not be able to speak in court.