Bill of Rights

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First Amendment: The right to free speech, religion, and press.

The right to follow or practice any religion you believe in, and also to have nay say in opinion or any other things you feel you need to speak about.

Court Cases: Ramos v. Town of Vernon

The Town's government argued that it created a curfew for public safety reasons, but it failed to prove that crime had been a problem during curfew hours. The town won the verdict because they would not have a curfew if they did not need one for no reason. The town was considered guilty.

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Second Amendment: Right to keep and bear arms;

To protect the country, citizens sometimes must serve as soldiers government can't stop people from owning guns.

Court Cases: Bliss vs Common Wealth

A man named Bliss was fined $100 for carrying/conceling a sword in a cane which was hidden. Bliss stated that the government should not have the consent or limit the type of weapons citizens had. The man was not guilty, because the extent of weapons does not matter as long as you use them in an acceptable way.

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Third Amendment: Conditions for Quartering Soldiers.

Soliders can't barge in and demand to live in your house or eat your food.

Court Cases: Bennett V. Wainwright

Police Raids was the problem of most people in most states. Plantiffs argued that the police killed a resident. The people claimed that police were so called soilders should protect their citizens and not kill them.

The men was proven to be correct and not guilty.

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Fourth Amendment: Right of Search and Seizure

Police can't just walk into yours house, search through your stuff, and for that they must give a good reason.

Court Cases: The police barged into the home of Boyd Ripe, which they violated his rights. They gave him an unreasonable search and seizure.

Boyd was won in this case and the government was not guilty.

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Fifth Amendment: Provisions concerning prosecution

For a capital crime, a grand jury has to decide if there is enough to charge you.

Court Cases: Chavez v. Martinez

Was a case where a police offer did not deprive a citizen of constitutional rights by failing an issue of Miranda Issue.

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Sixth Amendment : Right to a speedy trail.

If you're charged with a crime your trail should happen as soon as possible.

Court Cases: Ohio v. Roberts

Ohio was trying to charge Isaac Roberts, with the carrying stolen credit cards. Roberts claimed that the stolen credit cards belonged to his wife Amy, that had died years before he got accused. He then lost and got sentence to time in prison he was not guilty.

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Seventh Amendment : Right to a trail by jury.

You can have a jury settling civil cases involving a lot of money.

Court Cases: Tull v. United States
Tull, which the United States filed the lawsuit on. He got charged because he had disobeyed the clean water act. He was fined $325,000.
The United States won the lawsuit and he had to pay the fine and do lots of time of community service until he payed it off and did jail time.
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8th Amendment: Excssive Bail, Cruel Punishment

Your punishment, should fit your crime. You shouldn't have to pay too much bail or unreasonable punishment.

Court Cases: Roper v. Simmons
Simmons hogged-tied and threw a woman off a bridge, which he received the death penalty for. He won the case had received a shorter sentence. So therefore, Simmons won.
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9th Amendment: Rule of Consturction of Constituion.

Just because we made this list doesn't mean these are the only rights you have.

Court Cases: Roth v. United States
Roth was in a book-selling business. He was accused of selling books with obscenity. Wtih a 6-3, ruling in the court, Roth won, with a not-guilty plead.
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10th Amendment: Rights of the states under constituion.

What is the consitution doesn't give a certain power to do something in a state government or a national government.

Court Cases; Bond V. United States
Bond was caught putting chemical weapons onto her husbands mattress, where she intended to kill him. The chemical weapons 'were' legal but she used them in an illegal way. She got caught and with a 9-0 vote, she was then proven, guilty and jailed.
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